SPREAD Fairness – Stake Pool

We do it for a fair world and therefore we are boosting the real decentralization of the Cardano blockchain in two ways!

21.000 blocks minted every 5 days but there is a bad secret
1262 pools
Registred 2235 pools
Pools mining blocks
Decentralization potential
Your ADA!
Your power!
ADA 22.91b is delegated to pools but…
Single pools part of the cake
Delegated stake in big-whale pools
True decentralization leak
Centralized stakes like exchanges
35 % are concentrated pool clusters (source)
Single pool operators
Multi-pool owners
Potential is here
1 operator owns up to 70 pools
56% of single pools are not profitable
906 single pools
Registred 1622 single pools
Not used pools
Profitable single operators
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Stake pool specs
Our software
Spreads fairness
Why choosing us

SPRD is looking for the right balance in the Cardano system. We support the network by operating a single stake pool. Single stake pool operators are guaranteeing that there is no concentration of ADA stake. Binance alone owns 70 stake pools with a huge stake of ADA 2,8 B that’s 12% of the whole delegation on the blockchain.

We support true decentralization, this means pushing single pool operators. The unique advantage of our software is for small and big delegators to have guaranteed rewards and support true decentralization.

Support decentralization
Support small pools
Support delegators rewards
Delegating ADA – your stake, your call
Our Software
What is SPRD?
SPRD is a software which helps delegators to decentralize ADA. 

Brings awareness

The software shows the true decentralization potential and helps to choose a pool for delegator.

Helps choosing a pool

Over 2000 registred stake pools are a lot. No doubt, it’s a hard choice if you need to pick one. SPRD is a tool to make the choice simpler and faster.

Ensures delegators rewards

If the desired pool owns too low ADA for mining a block then the software collects all  “committed” delegators. When enough delegators are found then all of them are notified in order to make the delegation happen!

It is free, secure and open source

 The source code is on Github publicly accessible. The software does not save or transfer any confidential data. It’s safe, fair, and free to use!
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Jan 2021
+ The idea of SPRD is born
Feb 2021
+ Registered Cardano Stake Pool [SPRD]
Mar 2021
+ Internal prototype of SPRD desktop application.
Apr 2021
+ Publish the beta version of SPRD
+ Mint first block with Stake pool SPRD
May 2021
+ Replace SPRD desktop app with website application.
+ Extending Pool with 2nd relay node
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Jun 2021
+ Publishing smart contract for SPRD if Cardano Goguen is ready
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Jul 2021
+ If possible include SPRD features in the official Daedalus application.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Aug 2021
+ Support the Cardano network with new software ideas.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Sep 2021
+ Support the Cardano network with new software ideas.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Oct 2021
+ Support the Cardano network with new software ideas.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Nov 2021
+ Support the Cardano network with new software ideas.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
Dec 2021
+ Adding 3rd relay node
+ Support the Cardano network with new software ideas.
+ Increasing Pool Pledge with pool rewards
for Delegators
More secure blockchain by supporting true decentralization
Pool choosing becomes easy
Ensure your staking rewards
for Pool Operators
Boosts mining for single pool operators

Boosts your pool to mint the first blocks and more!

Visibility and marketing for free
Get profitable
Join our Telegram group and view new designs, bring new ideas, support us, and test beta versions of SPRD!
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Patrick Gruber
Head of SPRD

I want to make this world fairer!

Therefore I am learning, helping and sharing every day.

I am a long-time professional software engineer with a passion for backdoors and reverse engineering. Invested in cryptos since 2017 and I believe in the future for Cardano!
In my free time, I have built an E-Commerce business and sold it in 2020.

I am going through life with Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world!’

Partners & Supporters
We Collaborate Only With The Best
WISE – Cardano Stake Pool

Arthur, Stake Pool Operator of [WISE] is a trusted partner and helps to develop the SPRD software.  He is a software engineer, in the profession for 9 years in development and administration. Has experience in IOT/ Smart Home development

SPRD Fairness
Frequently Questions

You can find the answer and a lot more answers to stake pools on the official Cardano Faq, click here to read more.

The software is currently under development and will be published end of march 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter or join our telegram group to be one of the first!

We have a passion for programming, blockchain, and sharing therefore we do it. But we are strong believers of karma, so we do something good and something good will return. We are followers of Win-Win situations.

The software will help you to delegate as soon as enough other delegators are found who in sum will delegate to a small pool the minimum amount for mining a block. This feature is historical! Support small pools and getting rewards.

For example, to want to support the pool [SPRD]. At the moment a stake pool requires around ADA 1,5m of active STAKE in order to mine a block. If he mints a block you get your delegation rewards. But the small pool has only ADA 100k of active stake. Then you can make an “SPRD” in the software and signal to others that you would be interested to delegate ADA 50k when enough other delegators are found. If one week later lot more delegators have “SPRD” their ADA within our software and in the sum in achieves ADA 1,5m then we will notify all of them with an email or telegram message. Then the united community could support true decentralization, support small operators and don’t miss any rewards.

Do you still have an open question? Don’t hesitate to write us now!